• Pakistan Microfinance Review 2012
    An Annual Assessment of the Microfinance Industry.
  • MicroTALK Winter Edition
    Microfinance Sectors First e-Newsletter in Pakistan
  • Business Recorder Microfinance Review
    Business Recorder Microfinance Review 2013 in collaboration with Pakistan Microfinance Network.
  • Microfinance Summit 2013
    First ever International Conference in Pakistan organized by PPAF and PMN.
  • Moving Towards MSEL
    The study looks at growing trends in the microfinance sector in Pakistan vis--vis enterprise lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)
New Publications
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  • Access to finance for low cost Schools
  • The Art of Social Mobilization
  • MFT Data Launch
  • Khushhalibank Visit
  • All Members Meeting
  • Tameer Microfinance Bank Media Visit
  • Financial Inclusion and Literacy Outcomes
  • Microfinance Summit 2013
  • Commercial Financing
  • Kashf Foundation Visit
  • MF-CIB: The Journey So Far and the Road Ahead
  • All Members Meeting
  • Sungi Media Exposure Visit
  • PMR Launch
  • Treasury Management
  • MicroEye Launch
  • All Members meeting
  • HVC Workshop
  • Sindh Flood Roundtable
  • Brainstorming on Impact Assessment
  • Corporate Governance Session II
  • Risk Management
  • Donor's Roundtable
  • Corporate Governance
  • Investment Readiness
  • Roundtable on Andhra Pradesh Crisis
New Initiatives
  • IBP Diploma in Microfinance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Naymet Women Micro Shops
  • Kashf Foundation A New First School Financing Fa...
  • ASA Pakistan Develops Independent Internet Presenc...
  • Protecting Clients, Establishing Values ASA Pakis...
  • Insuring the Backbone of Pakistan the small Farme...
  • Catalyzing Evolution of the Sector, PPAF
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Through the PMR Online 2.0 users can define own variables, in other words build own queries. The software has the ability to help users to carry out trend analysis, comparative analysis and retrieve Market Highlights.
Micro EYE
A tool that allows users to assess the competitive situation in any geographical area located in Pakistan. The objective is to identify the geographical locations of all MFPs branches and related information.
The MicroWatch Online 1.0 powers users to get information through Maps, Query Builder and retrieve Market Highlight. The software provides reports which are displayed in the form of pivot table and graph.